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Vriksha Sasthram

solution for family problems

Vriksha Sasthram is most effective special pooja method in finding the right ways for the enhancement of one's family, status, and welfare of their life. Specifically, this vedic pooja method removes all bad vibrations from your family with the help of particular Vriksha (Tree) that belongs to you as per your horoscope. As Hinduism gives more importance for the divine qualities of trees, Guruji Naanu Baba practices Vriksha Sasthram pooja to save you from all the fatal problems.

Vriksha pooja is performed using Vriksha (Trees), Vriksha Sasthra speaks of uniqueness in trees which has the power to raise Devatas (one who satisfies all our needs instantly). Every tree (Vriksha) has its unique features and unique devatas. Based on the astrology and the star every human has their vrikshas.

Guruji Naanu Baba of Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam finds the vriksha of an individual by predicting their horoscope (Jadagam) and conducts pooja to ensure the glory of their life. Naanu Baba finds the direction causing negative vibrations which collapse the growth of the family and provides Vedic remedies to all your problems, conducting Vriksha Sasthra pooja on a certain direction and date, with the help of specific roots obtained from the trees denoted in Vriksha Sasthra.

The poojas will be done using the roots obtained from the particularly noted trees and these roots are called mooliga. Naanu Baba makes special pooja utilizing the mooliga which brings energy from the universe that redeems all your problems. Also when the person involves themselves in praying Mooligas enriched by pooja, it offers everything and helps them to get everything that glorifies their life.

Vriksha pooja offered by Guruji has greatness in finding the solution for a successful life. Vriksha pooja is the shortcut pooja method that brings immense goodness to the family and helps in attaining great success. This is the most powerful pooja done with easily available tantric products. Pathinen siddhars (18 Siddhars) has given separate and elaborate descriptions on Vriksha Sasthra which is found in the form of tantric pooja. Vriksha pooja gives pariharam to overcome problems and maintains the prosperity of the family. Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam protects you from all sorts of obstacles and offers you the right solution for a successful life.