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According to Guruji Naanu Baba “Pasiththavanuku Unavu” i.e, Food for Hunger is the significance of Annadhanam. Annadhanam means “Serving food for the people who suffer from hunger”. This doesn’t consider providing food for the poor; instead concentrates on providing food for hungry people. The food offered at the time of hunger is the food directly served to the Lord ( Deiva Aahuthi).

Our Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam in Chennai prominently concentrates on Annadhanam. Here food is being prepared using high-quality ingredients under the supervision of our Guruji Naanu Baba and we regularly offer food to nearly 3000-5000 people per month. Annadhana Sastram states that the Karma (fatal sins) of a person can be removed by offering Annadhanam seva. Contribution for Annadham provides a complete solution for all problems and enriches the glory of their life, plays a vital role in bringing all the triumphs to their family & life.

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“FOOD FOR THE HUNGER” - is the main Maha Manthra of Shirdi Sai Baba.

As indicated by Dharma Sastra, serving food to hunger is the best remedy of people who wants to get relieved out from their sins and to come out from their Karma effects. Here at Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, it is purely with Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings that we provide Annadhanam to around 3000 devotees each month and 1000 devotees on special occasions like New Year, Ramanavami, Gurupournami, Mahasamadhi day, Vinayaga Chathurthi, Krishna Jayanthi, Dassera, Deepavali, etc.

Everyone can participate in this service by donating in our ‘’ANNADHANAM SCHEME’’

Weekly Thursday Annadhanam scheme : Rs. 5000/-
First Thursday of every month Maha Annadhanam scheme : Rs. 15000/-
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