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Vasthu Pariharam Without Altering Your House

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Vasthu dosha threatens most people, the problems in vasthu destroy the upliftment of their house. Vasthu is a science of architecture and vasthu dosha is the problem caused by defects in the pattern of the house. These are the two real facts which are proved and believed in Indian tradition. As many controversies arose on this, people fear to overcome vasthu issues due to financial problem.

Vasthu doshas arose when the house is not constructed according to Vasthu Sastra. Vasthu Sastras suggest many remedies to overcome vasthu doshas which are most likely demolishing and reconstructing the house. This fear haunts in the minds of people, they feel hard to invest huge money for altering the architecture of their house and to improve the health of their family.

Vasthu Pariharams provided by Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, a top Hindu religious centre in Chennai is different from others. We don’t insist people alter the current house pattern instead we provide vasthu remedies for your home through special poojas.

The circumstance which panics the people due to vasthu problem will be solved by our Guruji Naanu Baba who conducts parihara poojas to all sorts of vasthu problems which is different from others. Our Guruji Naanu Baba finds solution to vasthu problems by analysing the type & sakthi (energy) of the soil. By increasing the sakthi (power) of the soil through unique poojas, our Guruji removes the faintness of the family.

Vasthu doshas are rectified through two effective methods of which we follow without altering your house and that is:

  • Yantra Pooja
  • Bandhanam (Bandhan)

Yantra Pooja

Yantra pooja is done with Yantras (geometric patterns) which eliminates lightweight vasthu doshas. This pooja helps to maintain the harmony of the house and enhances its virtue throughout life.

Bandhanam (Bandhan)

Bandhanam is burying the combination of tantric products under the ground in the directions where deadly waves are found inside the house. This form of poojas provides you with complete vasthu remedies for your home and helps you get rid of all types of hardships in the family.

Guruji Naanu Baba’s way of practice on Vasthu dosha and remedies using Yantra Pooja and Bandhanam assure you 100% dosha remedies to overcome all sorts of vasthu problems. We redeem all vasthu doshas,

  • At low expens
  • Simple and effective pooja methods
  • Clear-cut solutions
  • Transparency in pariharams
  • Sssurance in finding the right way to overcome all sorts of doshas

Complete solutions to all your vasthu problems are generously cleared at Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam. Based on the type and effect of the problem, we create unique Yantras which will act as a solution to overcome all forms of hardships caused due to Vasthu dosha. Guruji Naanu Baba contributes pariharam to all forms of vasthu problems which enriches the growth of your family and status.