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"My Eye is ever on those who love me"
- Shirdi Sai Baba

According to Yuga Dharma Sasthra, in this present Kaliyuga people are facing anxiety life due to ill and evil effects based on “Poorva Punya Paava Karma” Since we follow our ancient Rishi, Yogi, Siddar and Guru’s ritual powerful pooja through Guru Paarambariyam, people can get rid of their karma effects. This is the powerful way to change the fate of people. Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam is the holy place to turn your life into a delightful manner with the blessings of Shirdi Saibaba.

3 main pursuit of Guruji Shri Naanu Baba

Seek the blessings of Guruji and feel the positivity!

Shirdipuram sarva sakthi peedam has been initiated by Shirdi Sai Baba’s dedicated follower Guruji.Shri. Naanu Baba according to the guidance of Sai Baba and the organisation is located at Vinayagapuram, Kolathur, Chennai at 2012.

Activities - Solutions for all problems

Maha yagam
444 Coconut Aahuthi
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karya siddhi pooja
Karya Siddhi Maha Ganapathi Yaham
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Seek the blessings of Guruji and feel the positivity!

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-Experience the spiritual power of food endowment.


As indicated by Dharma Sastra, serving food to hunger is the best remedy of people who wants to get relieve out from their sins and to come out from their Karma effects.

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