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Recovery from Cancer

Though the advancement in medical technology keeps on reaching its height in advancement, many incurable diseases are existing in the world. One among those is cancer - the most deadly disease which can’t be cured completely in many cases touching the advanced stage. Also, the treatment for cancer is not just like that thing, as it is costlier to get cured of the disease. In Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, Guruji Naanu Baba provides a solution to the patients who suffer from cancer. Various cases of cancer patients have come to our religious centre and got cured of their health issues by effective poojas.

health astrology prediction in chennai

Based on every individual’s Karma effect (the sum of a person’s action which decides their fate in future) and by undergoing Prasannam, Guruji Naanu Baba treats people, performs special yagams for the welfare of devotees.

As a part of this yagam, special Navakalasa pooja (setting up nine separate kalasas) is conducted to relieve people from their Karma effects. In addition to yagams Guruji also conducts poojas for Mayura Bhagavan (Half man & half peacock structured God) who is specialised in curing the health-related issues of the people.

The devotees who came with their health issues were completely relieved from their illness with the pooja methods of Guruji Naanu Baba. Many cancer patients were cured by the supremacy of our Guruji.

Unbelievable medically miraculous results were lively experienced from the patients who completely surrendered themselves to Guruji. And the patients showed their thankfulness to Guruji Naanu Baba for recovering from health issues.

A child affected by Blood cancer (Leukemia) was brought to Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, by his/her parents. As that couple didn’t have enough financial support to consume treatment for their child, they surrendered themselves to Guruji Naanu Baba of Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam to save the life of their child. Guruji Naanu Baba conducted prayers and poojas for the betterment of the child. Simultaneously the couple approached a hospital for the further treatment of the child; the hospital demanded a large amount of money to undertake treatment. The couple with great disappointment reached Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, and soon after as the result of pooja conducted by Guruji, a social trust voluntarily accepted to donate money for the child despite many people who were in waiting list expecting donation. The power of the pooja was experienced in the form of the sponsorship from the trust who themself came forward to agree the most expensive treatment of the child.

health astrology predictions in chennai

It was a great miracle that demonstrates a fact that “Never underestimate the power of prayer.

One combined prayer can change your life dramatically positive”.

This was proven by effortful prayers & poojas of Guruji Naanu Baba of Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, the top Hindu religious centre in Chennai that recovers people from incurable diseases.

Here, most of the devotees got recovered from deadly diseases.

Naanu Baba’s yagam contains immense indefinable power that recovers people from all deadly diseases.