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Pancha Pakshi Sasthram

pancha pakshi shastra

Pancha Pakshi Sasthram is the most secret, effective pooja method followed in tantric pooja. Time is the major concept concerned in Pancha Pakshi Sasthram Pooja. Success and failure occur based on the time of action. A person can get succeeded in an action if it is done at the right time.

Siddhars have found the mysteries caused by time and the secrecy behind one’s success based on the power of time, so this pooja method has been maintained secretly with the aim of using it only for a moral purpose. If the secret of pooja is revealed to every person, some might be misusing it, for evil practices resulting in black magic effects. Considering this as the major reason, Siddhars maintained this Pancha Pakshi Sasthram as a secret pooja. The term Pancha denotes five and Pakshi denotes bird, Pancha Pakshi – Siddhas converted the methodology of pooja into five different birds. This pooja method that is completely based on the action of five different birds, which promotes the pooja to the level of success (fulfils the requestable demand of the devotee). This pooja method provides Pariharam to overcome problems in one’s life and removes all negative fatal problems.

Vedic remedies for all problems are provided here to recover you from your day to day problems. Pancha Pakshi Pooja enhances your life by sorting out the best time of yours to come up with initiates or take decisions and perform actions that lead you to success. For example, the action which we do at the Arasu neram (awakening time of the bird/the time which brings royalty) attains success to us. Actions done during the Marana neram (resting/sleeping time of the bird) ends up in failure. Based on the activities of the bird we should start an action to get succeed in our life.

In Pancha Pakshi Sasthram the time is divided into numerous divisions, for a say an hour into five divisions and another five sets of divisions within the previous sets are made to find the accurate time which brings success.

Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam, the best Hindu religious centre in Chennai performs Pariharam to overcome problems of life centred on Pancha Pakshi Sasthram. Guruji Naanu Baba is an expert in finding a solution for all problems by calculating one’s Arasu neram(the time of success) accurately to conduct pariharam poojas. The action should be done within the right time it shouldn’t be missed even by a second of time. The right action at the right time alone leads to success; this is the main concept of Pancha Pakshi Sasthram.

The key features and techniques used in Pancha Pakshi Pooja are:

  • Secretive method
  • Assurance in success
  • Accurate calculation of time
  • Finds ways to lead a successful life

All parihara poojas executed by Guruji Naanu Baba of Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam attains success all the time as he manipulates pariharam after conducting Pancha Pakshi Sasthra Pooja, which is the secret of success that is being followed in our organization. SURRENDER YOURSELF TO GURUJI AS HE RELIEVES YOU FROM ALL THE FAILURES AND DRIVES YOU TO THE PATH OF SUCCESS USING HIS DIVINE POWER.