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Remedies for Relationship Issues

Many problems are effectively handled by the unique pooja methods of Guruji Naanu Baba that protects people life and solves all their problems.

The devotees return to Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam to thank Guruji for comforting their life by removing all the negativities from their life.

Some of the evidential proofs speak the power of pooja that brings positive outcome in all the court cases, they were:

A positive outcome on the
divorce case
Solution for family
solution for family problems

A positive outcome on the divorce case

Many couples visit Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam to find a solution to their family problems. A couple with a misunderstanding hated each other and decided to get divorced for their conflicts. First, the husband decided to cut off their relationship and tried to move away from his wife but her mind never let her move from him. Guruji Naanu Baba analyzed the horoscope of the couple and performed Vasiya pooja (pooja to attract one another) to rectify their problem. As a result of this pooja, the positive outcome of the divorce case was seen. The husband got changed from his decision and accepted to live with his wife. They got united in their life before the week of judgment. They also together appealed and got back their applying note for their divorce.Now, this couple is living together and they also got blessed with two children and leading their life happily without any disputes in their life.

Solution for family problem

A couple got married and were residing separately that his husband lived in Dubai whereas his wife stayed in India. His mother-in-law had never let her daughter move with her husband; the domination of this mother-in-law disturbed the life of this couple. They didn’t even get a single chance in their life to get united. They went to Shirdipuram Sarva Sakthi Peedam an important Hindu religious centre in Chennai, Guruji Naanu Baba performed a special Vasiya pooja (pooja to attract one another) and instructed the husband to move to Dubai within three days along his wife. As Guruji said they together moved and started a new life. Later Guruji performed some other recovery pooja for their welfare. A miraculous change was seen in their life and the mind of the daughter’s mother begins to change. Soon, she allowed her daughter to live happily with her husband. This was a lively experience seen as a result of Guruji’s effective pooja.