‘’IF YOU LOOK TO ME, I LOOK TO YOU’’ - Shirdi Saibaba

As per Baba’s words Guruji is the most blessed devotee of having Direct Darshan of the Superior and almighty power of this world, who is our SAI.

Shirdi Sai Baba emerged infront of Guruji. Shri. Naanu Baba and showered his divine blessings by getting Rs.2 as dakshina from Guruji. At that time Guruji was out of consciousness and speechless. The powerful eyes of the saint took full control over Guruji. Baba then began murmuring some mantras and blessed Guruji. This occurred in 2008. This felicitous moment had totally changed Guruji and he was unconditionally occupied by Sai Baba’s thoughts by mind and soul completely. And from then Guruji has surrendered himself completely to Sai Baba and acts according to his principles.



In the Maha Yaham performed by our Guruji Naanu Baba, those people who are suffering from problems are made to offer special powerful herbs into the fire, after which they experience extraordinary and amazing results in their life. This is because the specific god called upon by Guruji give their Sarva darshan every time. For example,

  • • Baba’s Divya Darshan in Pink dress in the Maha Deeparathi on Mahasamadhi day (vijayadasami).
  • • Baba’s blessing with Poorna Darshan in a Pournami Yagam held at Shirdipuram.
  • • Maha Jyothi Swaroop of Shirdi Sai Baba in Maha Guru Sai Dhatta Yagam.
  • • Shirdi Sai Baba viswaroop darshan in the form of smoke in Chitra Pournami Yagam.
  • • Moreover many other Devathas like Mahalakshmi, Lord Krishna, Ganapathi, Devi Bhuvaneswari, Bhairavar, Hayagreevar, Garuda bagavan, have also given their miraculous Sarva Darshan in the Fire of the Yagam performed by Guruji himself. (For photos see Gallery)
  • Shirdipuram team takes the pride of being the first and only temple from SOUTH INDIA to have conducted the MAHA GURU SAI DHATTA YAGAM near Dwarkamai, at the Shirdi Sansthan premises, Shirdi.


3. Protection from snake

In surrounding areas, in many of the devotees house, they had been scared by the frequent visit of snake cobra, leeches, etc. As per GURUJI’S advise, the powder taken from Maha Yantra Pooja was sprayed in the devotees house which made the snakes and leeches run away and made devotees feel secured.


4. Baba’s blessing for Delayed Marriage

Sai always wants us to have peaceful and happy relationship, but at times many people face problems like finding the right soul mate, the same way many devotees here at Shirdipuram were blessed enough in finding their life partner very soon they entered here after many struggles and obstacles faced by them and get remedies for delayed marriage.


5. Boon for Childless Couples

After several years of pains and sufferings experienced by many childless couples, Shirdipuram Sai Baba has been the only God to be so kind hearted seeing at his children and to have blessed them with wonderful child what they desired.

Our Guruji performs Special Poojas and Yagams to remove their doshas for many childless couples and all have been blessed with a child. This miracle is being continued here frequently.


6. Blessed Coconut made Kuttisaathan (negative spirit) run away.

A family came from a place called sevvapet in Chennai to Shirdipuram seeking help for the problems they suffered through a negative spirit that stayed with them for a long time. They were speechless, sleepless, out of job, had financial problems and was not able to come out of it and crying for the solution.

Guruji consoled them that he will take care of their life and advised them that once they stepped in Shirdipuram, everything will be alright. Then Guruji performed special pooja and gave them the special fibred Coconut to be kept at their home. On the same night they could see the result of it and were freed from that negative spirit.

Shirdipuram Sai does every miracle to whoever steps in at Shirdipuram.


7. Even Cancer is Cured here.

A lady from Coimbatore who was diagnosed with Cancer (Leukemia) came to Shirdipuram through her sister, seeking for life. She was drowned with pain and suffering out of this cancer. Guruji consoled her, performed jappas and gave her the special UDHI (the holi ash taken from the yagam did by Guruji) and advised her to follow as instructed by him.

A week later the lady herself called Guruji and told that her screening test had come negative for cancer. She was in to tears as how could this happen. It is all Shirdipuram Sai’s miracle.


8. Food for 300 was served for more than 1000 people.

In an occasion during Annadhanam at Shirdipuram, the food was prepared for 300 people, unexpectedly more than 1000 were gathered for the pooja. When there was a question of food to be served for the remaining people, Guruji meditated to Sai to provide the akshayapaathram in order to provide food to the hunger and there by the miracle so happened. Even after more than 1000 people were served, there were some food left in the vessel. This miracle could happen only at Shirdipuram. SAIRAM…….. SAIRAM…..